So…I think that something died

So…I think that something died behind my dishwasher. I’m getting “Eau de Decomposing” when I walk by. Isn’t that lovely? And Tom can’t smell things so I’m left walking around like a bloodhound, sniffing until I’m feeling faint. I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it, short of ripping out the dishwasher and, possibly the wall.

I’ll be getting up early tomorrow morning so I can sit outside of our Sam’s Club and wait for them to open at 7am. That’s one of benefits of being a business member – you can get the Harry Potter book nice and early! And isn’t that why we joined? (No, this doesn’t count as a book because my Mom wants to read it. Just because I’m going to read it first has little to do with it!)

I’m going to do a full-court press this weekend to finish Tom’s Anne socks and my Lucy bag.

Class, can anyone tell us why Laurie is in such a rush to finish projects? Anyone, anyone? (Bueller…Bueller…Bueller)

Still no sign of that dam*ed yarn box. Was this a recycling week?

And, WTF? When I click on my blog I see my “Knitting Project Tracker” falling off of the page. Does anyone else have that view? No matter what words I spew at the computer, it won’t fix it.

I think it’s a conspiracy and it seems like it’s a monthly thing. I had to un-install MS Word this week because it kept locking up before I could even open a document. I tried to re-install it this AM – which is no small feat, considering that my disk drive doesn’t work – and when I tried to open a document, it bombed again. Then I kept getting “Run Time” errors in Internet Explorer.
So I un-installed it, again. I’m going to have to make do without, until my new toy arrives in August.

Holding my nose thru the kitchen, I’m OFF TO THE KNITTING CHAIR!

Everyone go and wish Jess a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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