Don’t be hatin’. I got

Don’t be hatin’. I got the yarn for my Weekend Getaway Satchel KAL, on Friday. Very fast since I ordered it on July 2nd (KnitPicks was closed until Tuesday) and then called on Tues. to add more yarn. It all arrived together and now I have to walk past the box until I complete the Anne socks. It’s a rule. Then I can start to play with the color combinations.

Peggy said (and I agreed with her) that my choice of pattern may not work unless it’s a large block of color. I’m going to do some sample swatches with excess Lamb’s Pride. That way I can knit and felt to see the results.

I spent some time banging my head on the table, trying to learn Paint Shop Pro the only way I know how…by DOING. Manuals? I don’t need no stinkin’ manuals! Though I did get a “Paint Shot Pro 8 for Dummies” book. I really like those books. They speak to me!

I had taken photos of 2 of my favorite t’s and then did some measurements. I thought this would be useful for future projects – either using Sweater Wizard or just trying to figure out what size to knit on a ready-made pattern. Other than the different colors, I think I did fairly well. Don’t ask me what I did, tho. It was a hit or miss type of project.

Tom got an early birthday present this week. I sent him to a Golf Clinic near Philly. An all day event and this is what he brought me! Yee-haw! Delish chocolate truffles from Neuchatel Chocolatiers. A mix of Extra Dark truffles, Grand Marnier truffles, Raspberry Truffles and Mocha Truffles. I do love my dark chocolate! And I only eat 1 or 2 a day, just so they last.
And he also brought me THIS. He knows I love hoodies and I also love our John Deere lawn tractor. When I say I love gadgets it doesn’t limit them to things I can fit in my pocketbook! So now I have this to wear when I mow the lawn in the cooler weather.
And, as a footnote, a photo of the 1st complete Anne sock. Get it? FOOTnote? Oh, I slay me!

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