Remember how I said I

Remember how I said I wasn’t buying any more books?

I don’t consider this as a purchase after that statement because I had ordered it earlier. It just showed up last week. So I’m OK, right? RIGHT!

But I’m still going to read “The Historian” before I get to this one, no matter how much I want to find out what’s going on with Stephanie Plum.

And this yarn doesn’t count in the “No More Yarn” rule, because I returned something at the same time.

This was ordered earlier, as well…

And if the Knitting Gods are angry they’ll make sure that there’s not enough of it to make the top I have in mind.

Another confession – I have gone crazy over the Weekend Getaway Satchel in the new Interweave Knits Fall 2005 issue.

My Mom got a good laugh at the photo. She especially liked the “garden boots”.

I have spent hours, since I got the magazine on Saturday, pricing yarns and figuring yardage.
I don’t want to do the intarsia. I’m torn between doing a subtle bag using something like Lamb’s Pride Bulky or going bolder with Big Kureyon. It took a good piece out of my Sunday that should have been knitting time.

I know, I know “But, Laurie, the COST!”. This isn’t just a felted bag – it’s a piece of luggage.

I have a few project that need finishing before I SERIOUSLY start looking for yarn. This could drive me to drink (I don’t, right now). But it’s a wonderful obsession!

Unless someone wants to start a KAL. Then I’d have to join it…because I’m a sheep.

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