Well, maybe just 1 more

Well, maybe just 1 more sock picture. Yesterday’s progress on “Anne”.

RIGHT TURN, CLYDE (where the babbling changes subjects)

Don’t the garlic plants look like aliens?
“WE COME IN PEACE…well, really we come in cloves.”

Here’s what happens to a great veggie garden when you don’t care about it for about 8 months. After Giles died I didn’t care about the garden. He was my shadow in the garden and I just couldn’t bring myself to go out there.

I planted winter rye in October and we never cut it down. We have 9 raised beds and Tom cleared 2 beds so I could plant tomatoes, cukes and peppers. Usually I start my veggies from seed but didn’t have the oomph for it. This year they’re store bought plants. Good thing the garlic got planted in October.

On the up-side, the tall grass makes a great screen and blocks out the neighbors yard.

On the down-side, weeds have sprouted from the stones that we have all around the beds and now we have to hand-pull them before we can spray to keep them from coming back.

On the SERIOUS down-side, the bed at the bottom right of the picture has Ground Bees living in it. We can’t walk past that bed without getting chased out of the garden by sentry bees. Articles say that if you can tolerate them, you shouldn’t kill them because they’re important for pollination, etc. Or sprinkle poison in their entry holes and kill, kill, kill.

I’m still undecided on this. I bought the Sevin to sprinkle but realize the value of the bees. If we can get thru the rest of this season then we’ll get rid of the bees in the cold weather…and take better care of the beds so this doesn’t happen again. It depends on how many times I get chased out.

Do you think I should post a sign at the garden gate?



Since I can’t seem to conquer the HTML in the Knitting Progress Tracker, here’s what’s going on…and what’s finished! If anyone that uses a Knit Tracker could contact me, I’d appreciate it

Pardon the rotten pictures. If I can get Tom to focus (get it? FOCUS! ha-ha-ha!) I’ll have better shots.

Charlotte’s Easy Lace Shawl – DONE

I finished this over the Winter. I call it the Mystery Yarn “Making Tracks Shawl” (Cherry Tree Hill pattern). Yarn bought at Stitches East 1998 with no labels but it was so pretty I had to have it. I’m pretty sure it’s a wool/cotton blend but feels more like cotton, so WHAT DO I KNOW? I really like the pattern and have made 2 of them, so far.

Wendy Supreme Raglan

I did the pattern on Sweater Wizard and also added the hem technique from “Nothing But A Shirt”. What looks like only 6 rows is really 13 because of the folded hem. That took FOREVER to do, but I like the finished look.

So, another HOT one today. I was up at 6:30, watered the veggies, pulled some weeds and plan to hide inside the rest of the day. Tom is in a golf tournament and thinks we’re going to mow the lawn this afternoon. I think not.

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