Oh, January. Why the drama?

2014-01-01 11.37.17
This is the magical Starbucks mug. The one that allows me to get a free drink, every day in January.

So far, I’ve been knitting a sweater that has only gotten smaller. I started it and finished the body in November. I spent weeks trying to get the first sleeve to cooperate and then I finally frogged the whole thing.

All Wound Up
How innocent, right?
Crazy Zauberball (blue/green) and Madeline Tosh Merino Light


Progress, of sorts.
Progress, of sorts.
How hard could a German Short-Row, Top-down sleeve be?
How hard could a German Short-Row, Top-down sleeve be?
Ripping is tougher than it looks
Ripping is tougher than it looks

Now I have restarted the Funky Grandpa sweater, confident that it will be done by June.

Don’t mock me.

We’ve had some C O L D days. Yes, it’s Winter but we’ve never had it so cold that our heating unit couldn’t keep up. It never got above 63 degrees, inside (57 in the bedroom). We learned to adapt.

Hats. Inside! And Wes slept on the heated waterbed.
Hats. Inside! And Wes slept on the heated waterbed.

The snow wasn’t without it’s beautiful parts.

Snow - shoveled to the side of the driveway, and then blown back with the high winds.
Snow – shoveled to the side of the driveway, and then blown back with the high winds.

This was beautiful until the town plowed our driveway in and I promptly got stuck on the “hump”, while trying to drive out. My car was halfway in the street for 40 minutes, as I tried to dig myself out…get into car and rock it back and forth…lather, rinse, repeat. A town worker drove by (lucky me) right before a friend of Tom’s came to help free me.

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

And when the temperature went from -5 degrees to the low 40’s along with rain, it was transformed again.

False hope that Winter was over.
False hope that Winter was over.

And it’s only the 15th…

I Know

I’m supposed to be flashing all of the stuff I bought at Stitches South.

Let’s not pretend that I went and didn’t buy because the 13 lb box of yarn that I had to ship home would beg to differ.

I took yesterday off from dishes, laundry and most everything but going out with Jane for some Sephora/Macy’s/lunch action.

Tom and I went partially out to dinner. He had worked so we left too late, I was already starving and everywhere had an hour wait. We ended up at Outback, sitting at the bar and we must have been in the “blind spot” because everyone sat down, ordered, ate and left, while we still waited for our dinner. Finally had them box it To Go, so appetizers were at the bar and dinner was at home.

All in all it was a wonderful birthday!


Bonus points to Tom, for this great card.

Scan It, Man

Stitches South –

I’ll be shopping in the Marketplace on Friday & Saturday – maybe early Sunday, too – so if you see this QR (there won’t be a heart on the actual QR) pinned to a green bag, scan it. You never know what you’ll get.

Will You?

Will you?

Block Party

I don’t hate blocking my finished knits but I have a bag full of unblocked shawls.

Let’s call it Blockophobia.

Lucky for me, Tom helped wire and pin the Trillian Shawl
that I made. It’s a gift for someone who works at the host hotel for Stitches South. I goofed and made it with stockinette, instead of garter stitch…and I love it. It’s so soft and as light as air.

The yarn is Miss Babs, Yowza- Whatta Skein! in Sky Angels colorway.

Blocking Mis En Place. Boards, wires, pins, Soak wool wash in Aquae, and the shawl.


A little soak


A few pins and wires


A second blocking board, more pins and wires


And, just because everything was out, I decided to block my Featherweight Cardigan which I finished in 2011. What’s the rush?

Tom couldn’t help with the whole blocking but he was there through a lot of the wiring.

That is also Miss Babs. The yarn is Yet, in the Vlad’s colorway. I really love that name.


So many pins!

It was blocked a bit severely and I have to work out the “ridges” along the sleeves.

The only trouble with blocking two items in two days? Ask my Chiropractor. I could hardly move and think I’ll space the rest of them out a bit more.

Will I see you at Stitches South?


And There’s Knitting

When the cat isn’t on my lap, there really is knitting.

Right now I’m working on an Eris shawl. It went to Vegas last month but I never took it out of the suitcase. Just knowing knitting is nearby is a comfort, sometimes.

After some frustrating winding woes, these are the 3 colors. They’re all Malabrigo Sock yarn.

photo (6)Lettuce (green), Cordovan (brown) and Tizano Red (umm…red)

I started off strong


and then tried to count stitches while having a conversation

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 5.03.41 PM

and went from 160 stitches to 50. I kept my wits about me and forged ahead


being sure to put a marker on the right side (don’t ask why I needed one – we’re not going there), and now I’m up to the second color


You didn’t think this would be an exciting post, did you? Well, I guess you were wrong. (Unless you follow me on Twitter and Instagram…then you were there during the good and bad times, right from the start.)

At this rate, this will be the knitting that I’m taking to Stitches South. With any luck, it will make it out of the suitcase and get to mingle with some fancy, schmancy yarn. If nothing else, it will be traveling home with some fancy, schmancy yarn.

I’m a yarn snob and I’m OK with that. Are you?


All of the stitch markers were made by me. I still have my ArtFire shop. Take a browse.