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Friday Movie

But first, an announcement.

I’ll be replying to your comments, in the comments. Since I’m doing this on my iPad, it’s easier than emailing separately…unless I have a lot to say…in which case, disregard this announcement.

And now


Because catching Wes on film is like herding…well…cats, I had to take a movie on my ipad of a Vine movie ON my phone, taken WITH my phone.

It’s all very technical (not) and complex (even less) but I couldn’t think of a better way (that involved more than 5 minutes of time).

Sundance Film Festival, here I come!

And to finish it off – a Wes Pretzel In A Box


To sum it up –

1 – I bought Wes a Kickeroo
2 – He had just as much fun with the box, since it smelled like catnip
3 – And then he collapsed in a stoned heap

Next week, you’ll have the popcorn, Junior Mints & Twizzlers nearby.


Wordless Wednesday – Flashes of November


What? How?

While Wes was busy basking in the afterglow of his daily brushing, I did something that was laughable…if it didn’t hurt so much.

I dried my hair and it caused so much pain in my upper back that I couldn’t breathe! Tom had to help me – I can’t really say “helped” because all I could do was stand – to put on my sneakers. Luckily, I was getting ready for the chiropractor so I winced my way thru the 20 minute drive and she tried to get me back to my usual, semi-normal state.

She thought I may have popped a rib (oh, seriously?!?) or it was from my nerve problems or Charlie (the name we gave my displaced vertebrae). She was very gentle and very serious when she said “I’m not kidding. This isn’t good.” I know she meant it because we’re never serious when she’s working on me. We sing to the muzak, laugh and joke.

All taped up with Happy Cow tape, I have to ice my neck – and just so you know, you can ice your neck with frozen, sliced peaches.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and all I could think was

“I can’t knit”.


Why Wait Until Caturday?

I know I couldn’t.

Happy Friday the 13th! (Thanks to Tanya, for tweeting this to Wes.)

Try, Try Again

But, dammit, I had a smile on my face and yarn in my clutches.

I’m coming back*, baby!!

*I’m still pigeon-toed.

I Always Knew…

Wes would be famous.

I put this photo up on Twitter and Instagram and within seconds...minutes...less than an hour...

Kate* asked if she could pet my monkey – I’m assuming she meant that in a NOT dirty way  – and

Deb converted it into this

THAT’s how we have fun with the internet, people!


*That’s Kate, modeling her Autumn Waves shawl. I’ve seen that shawl in person and it’s beautiful!

A Siri-ous Video



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